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Piedmont Talent
Lori Haynes
Phone: 704-399-2210


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"Kara sung me back to life"

- Billy's Bunker

"For my money, something in Grainger's passionate performance reached out through the door, grabbed people by the figurative scruff of the neck, and propelled them inside."

- John T. Davis, SXSW

"Kara Grainger puts an irresistibly funky stamp on 12-bar standards"

- Tony Hillier of the Woodford mac Folk Festival

A native of Australia, Kara Grainger draws inspiration from the blues of America. On Shiver & Sigh, Nike her third solo album, the guitarist and singer/songwriter mac also incorporates elements of rhythm and blues and soul music in the mix.

The album was produced by David Z and since the release in September continues to hold a strong presence in the International blues charts..

In the year to come Kara will return once again to Asia and will also be touring in Europe and throughout the US.mac